Embracing a New Journey: Christina Thankful for our Paid Parental Leave

Jan 23 2024

When Christina and her husband pictured the arrival of their first child, a baby boy names Ajani, an emergency C-section and stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) were not anticipated. However, the support provided by our ministry’s paid parental leave benefit as well as well-being resources has been a cornerstone in navigating their early days as new parents.

“My time off was the furthest thing from a vacation and more like a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions,” Christina shares. “Knowing that I work for a company with such great maternity benefits makes me feel valued and alleviates the pressure of feeling like I had to choose between my family and career.”

Mercy Health provides eight weeks of paid leave to birth or adoptive parents so they can bond with a newborn or legally adopted child during this important time in their personal lives. There are also additional pre- and post-pregnancy supports through our well-being program.

The extra time off enabled Christina to attend feeding appointments, participate in “new mom” support groups and build a stronger bond with Ajani – all while not going without pay or being stressed about what was happening in her absence.

Today, Christina is back to work full time in her role as director of privacy. She shares the support she experienced pre-delivery has continued into Ajani’s first months. She returned to a team that not only sympathizes with the challenges of being a new parent, but also actively supports her journey.

“Our ministry’s culture of understanding and flexibility alleviated the stress of balancing family and career, fostering an environment where we can thrive both personally and professionally,” she adds.

For Christina, the joy of being a new mom lies in witnessing her son’s daily growth and cherishing the moments of cuddles and kisses.

As Christina envisions her son growing older, she takes pride in the prospect of him witnessing her dedication to having a fulfilling career.

“The ability to excel both in parenting and professional endeavors is a testament to the empowerment provided by our ministry’s commitment to work-life balance.”

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