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“Our Care Doesn’t Stop When They Are Discharged”: Lachelle Goes Above and Beyond for a Homeless Patient

Jan 3 2023

Lachelle Woods, MHL, BSN, RN, director of nursing for inpatient services at Mercy Health – Lorain Hospital and Mercy Health – Allen Hospital (pictured above, left) was recently recognized by her colleague, Amy Coleman, MSN, RN, a nurse manager (pictured above, right).

“Lachelle went above and beyond for a patient recently,” Amy states. “There was a homeless patient on the floor that was placed for discharge, and he stated that all he wanted was a pair of shoes. Upon learning this, Lachelle went out and purchased a pair of shoes for this patient. This is what a true leader and caregiver looks like. I am honored to be working with such an amazing person.”

Lachelle explains what inspired her to go out of her way to buy a pair of shoes for this patient in need.

“I did this because this is what we are supposed to do. We are called to give care to those who are poor and underserved. This patient wanted to leave with dignity and after asking him what I could do to help, it then became my responsibility to help him. Our care doesn’t stop when they are discharged – it continues as we want them to feel our compassionate care even when they return home.”

Lachelle takes pride in being able to give back through her work with our ministry.  

“I am proud to work at Mercy Health because this is where I started my nursing career, and now I am back to give back.”

Lachelle and Amy have been working together since they both joined the ministry in June, and Amy has felt the impact of Lachelle’s leadership.

“Lachelle has truly been a blessing to me. She has such a kind and loving soul that I was immediately drawn to her upon our first meeting. Lachelle has brought with her all of her experience of being a leader; however, she has something that I personally have not seen in a very long time and that is making changes for the betterment of our patients and team members.”

Amy adds, “I round on the different units with Lachelle most days, she does this to simply check on her staff, other team members, patients and their family members. She stops and talks with patients to ensure that their needs are being met. I am honored and extremely blessed to work alongside Lachelle.”  

Lachelle recently received a Leader Award in the Called to Shine program, our ministry’s digital recognition program which allows employees to recognize anyone across the ministry at any time, with personalized messages. Our leaders can allocate points to recognitions they send, and employees can redeem these points for merchandise, experiences and much more.

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