Jonathan Bradner

Jonathan’s Enjoyable COVID-19 Vaccine Visit

Apr 16 2021

“First Moderna vaccine shot, let’s goooo!!”

This was the caption of Jonathan Bradner’s social media post a few weeks ago. Not only was Jonathan beyond excited about getting his first COVID-19 vaccine shot, he was also very impressed with how easy his visit to Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital was from start to finish.

“I can’t say enough kind things about the process,” Jonathan shares. “From the scheduler on the phone, to all the directional signage being clear and helpful, to the staff that administered the vaccine and took care of everything else. Getting a shot could not be more pleasant!”

Jonathan feels it is important for him to get vaccinated so he can best protect his health. With his first shot down, he says it feels good to finally have some peace of mind.

“After I received the vaccine, I waited for 15 minutes in a holding room. By the time my 15 minutes were up, I was already scheduled for my next dose and on my way! I experienced some very mild numbness in my arm after my shot, but that was all.”

Jonathan was also blown away by the kindness from our team members, including the scheduler on the phone all the way to the person who administered his shot. They all took the time to be genuinely kind and courteous to him.

“The staff member who administered the shot was friendly, and we even had a conversation about the owl tattoo on my arm where the needle would go. She wanted to avoid poking the owl in the face!”

For those still on the fence about the COVID-19 vaccine, Jonathan hopes his experience can serve as an encouragement for others to get their shots.

“I believe that we are all in the fight against this pandemic together,” he says. “Anything we can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors that we don’t even know, is something that we should be a part of.”

Stay updated on what Mercy Health is doing related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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