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Q&A: Ask Dr. Adu About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Jul 13 2022

Do you still have questions or concerns about getting the COVID-19 vaccine? You’re not alone.

“Lots of patients are still unsure what to do for them and their family. I’m always willing to discuss their options and find what is best for them,” Stephen Adu-Yeboah, MD, a family medicine provider at Mercy Health – Kings Mills Primary Care, shares.

There is no such thing as a bad question. If you’re asking it, then it’s a valid concern. And there is a lot of information out there, so we want to make sure you hear from an expert.

To help you find answers, we’ve rounded up some of the top questions patients like you have asked their providers. Read on to hear Dr. Adu’s answers.

Is it safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

“Yes, it is safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Aside from a few minor side effects, the benefits outweigh the risks. The primary contraindications are severe or immediate allergic reaction to the vaccine or its components. Therefore, patients are required to wait for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine.”

Is the vaccine safe for kids that are eligible?

“Based on the data, it is safe and effective for children. But guidance is always changing so continue to check with your pediatrician.”

Do you think that I should get the COVID-19 vaccine?

“Unless you have contraindications to not receive the vaccine, you should get it. Please check with your trusted primary care provider first though for personalized recommendations.”

Can the vaccine change my DNA?

“Data has not shown that vaccines alter our genetic makeup. This includes mRNA vaccines like the one for COVID-19.”

Should I be worried about side effects from the vaccine?

“The benefits from getting the vaccine far outweigh the risks from any potential side effect. Common side effects include fever, headache, fatigue and pain at the injection site.”

I already had COVID-19. Why would I get the vaccine?

“We do not have enough data to show that natural immunity offers enough protections for a prolonged period of time for everyone.”

What if I would rather get COVID-19 than the vaccine?

“The potential risks from COVID-19 are far worse than the risks from the vaccine. However, it is still a patient’s personal choice.”

How can I know what sources to trust for factual information?

“You should trust the same sources you would use for your personal health recommendations, such as your primary care provider or the CDC website.”

Why does the science keep changing? Can’t you make up your minds?

“Yes, science can change and be confusing especially since there are so many unknowns with the different COVID-19 variants. However, science does prove that research and development of vaccines have all but eradicated illnesses such as polio, measles, mumps, rubella, etc.”

Did you get the COVID-19 vaccine?

“Yes, I have been vaccinated and received the booster.”

What are some of the common questions your patient’s have asked you? What has been your answer to these questions?

“I review the patient’s medical history with them and we discuss the risks as well as the benefits for all of their health care needs, whether it be regarding the vaccines or other personal health care maintenance items.”

Learn more about our ministry’s COVID-19 vaccine efforts.

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