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Cassie Goes Above and Beyond to Help COVID-19 Patients

May 9 2022

Our team at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health recently recognized nurse Cassandra “Cassie” Schulman (pictured above, left) for making a difference in the lives of many COVID-19 patients during an unprecedented time of change and struggle.

“Cassie began the COVID-19 pandemic as a staff nurse and clinical coordinator in the COVID-19 unit,” Vanessa Vonderhaar, the hospital’s chief nursing officer (pictured above, right), shares. “There, she cared for patients and fulfilled our mission daily. She held hands with patients who passed away and were alone and helped to save countless lives.” 

During this time, Cassie stepped up and became a nurse manager on the hospital’s COVID-19 unit. She has done a remarkable job leading her team through many peaks in patient numbers as well as their high need for attention and care. 

“Cassie has a can-do attitude,” Vanessa adds. “She never hesitates to step in and help no matter what time of day. She interacts with team members and patients as if they are her family. Cassie will always stop and help solve a problem or create a solution.”

One specific story that touched Vanessa took place right before Halloween. The team had an adult developmentally disabled patient going to hospice care. This patient was sad and tearful because they were going to miss Halloween and the chance to trick-or-treat.

“In just a few hours, Cassie arranged for her staff to dress up in a COVID-friendly manner,” Vanessa recalls. “She didn’t leave out any detail, including getting the patient a costume and lots of candy so the patient could enjoy their very own Halloween party. It was also complete with decorated room and music. Cassie invited the whole hospital to attend and everyone that came brought the patient candy.”

Also, during the most recent holiday season, which coincided with a peak in COVID-19 cases, Cassie brought in fun goodies for team members on a daily basis and even organized holiday caroling in the hospital.

“Cassie has stayed the course and thrived in her career when many may have chosen a less challenging route,” Vanessa shares. “She strives to see the positives and promotes hospital initiatives even during difficult times. She is always concerned about staff wellbeing and promotes self-care.”

As a thank you for her many efforts, the hospital awarded Cassie a seasonal family membership to the Cincinnati Zoo so she can enjoy some well-deserved leisure time with loved ones.

Happy Nurses Week! The compassionate care provided by our dedicated nursing professionals is at the core of everything we do at Mercy Health, where nurses mean the world.

Join us in thanking our nurses! Use #MercyHealthNursesWeek on social media to share your “thank you” messages.

Also, read more stories about our amazing nurses.

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