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Nursing During a Pandemic: Carly Connects with Patients

May 7 2021

“I like being a nurse because I like connecting with people and meeting people. I want to comfort people in their time of need,” says Carly Carter, BSN, RN, PCCN. “Part of connecting with patients is learning just as much from them as they do from me.”

We have been lucky to have Carly with our ministry for the past 13 years. Her dedication has led her to her current role as a clinical coordinator for the progressive care unit (PCU) at Mercy Health – West Hospital. Carly serves as charge nurse during her shifts where she makes bed, provides team member assignments and coordinates the scheduling for her team.

There are two wings in the PCU, and the first wing was designated as a COVID-19 unit last year. Carly and the unit’s other nurses received training and education. They also studied outside information to be well prepared to protect patients and themselves during the pandemic.

Despite all these preparations, some aspects of nursing during COVID-19 have been challenging.

“It has been hard communicating with families since they can’t be at the hospital. We made sure to call family members once a day. Doing that on top of not knowing the diagnosis is difficult,” Carly shares.

Carly was one of several Mercy Health nurses nominated for the 2021 University of Cincinnati Florence Nightingale Award. She was nominated due to her dedication to our ministry.

“It feels nice to be recognized, especially after this year. I have been working extra. I also went to the University of Cincinnati, so it’s cool to be recognized through my background,” says Carly.

Growing up, Carly enjoyed science class in school. However, she didn’t realize how much of an impact that would have on her career. Today, education continues to be important to Carly, but now it takes the form of professional development.

Carly describes nursing as being so much more than she could have ever imagined.

“It changes the way you see things,” she says. “Seeing how fragile life is makes you appreciate your home life and your health.”

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