Hailey Mantel, BSN, RN

How Hailey Uses Bravery and Experience to Provide Care

Jan 20 2022

Hailey Mantel, BSN, RN, feels the most rewarding aspect of providing care is helping a patient significantly improve their health.

“Based on my previous experience in the emergency department, I knew my heart was with this unit,” Hailey shares. “After being with The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health for about a year and a half now, I’ve learned so much and truly love my job.”

She adds, “the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting and becoming a new nurse in the emergency department was nerve-wracking! But being able to make a patient comfortable on possibly one of the worst and most uncomfortable days of their life is the most rewarding aspect about my work.”

Starting a new career at the beginning of a pandemic can cause uncertainty and concern about the future for anyone. However, Hailey bravely worked through some of the hardest times while providing compassionate patient care.

The emergency department is unique in the way that we serve every patient population needing different types of care. This allows me so much autonomy,” Hailey explains. “I love getting to use all my skills for any patient that comes through our doors.”

Thankfully, Hailey has witnessed first hand that the care she is providing is changing lives.

“Back when I was a student nurse, a patient came to the hospital wanting to detox from alcohol and had many failed attempts of doing so prior. I did my best to reassure him that he could get through it and he could get sober. After he was stable, he was placed at a rehab facility. I thought I would never get to hear the rest of his story, as most times emergency room nurses don’t see patients after they leave our care.”

Hailey continues, “to my surprise, when I started working at The Jewish Hospital, the same patient checked into the emergency room over a year later for an unrelated issue. It just so happened I got to be his nurse. He recognized me the minute I walked in the room, even with a mask. We talked about his recovery as I took care of him that day. He had stayed sober and got the help he needed after leaving my care at the prior hospital. It is so rare to get to see something full circle working in the emergency room. That was one of the most gratifying days of my career so far.”

The COVID-19 pandemic reminds all of us how important nurses are to our communities and to our future. We are thankful for nurses like Hailey. At Mercy Health, nurses mean the world!  

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