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Medication Management During COVID-19

Aug 27 2020

COVID-19 has turned “normal” daily life on its head. All the stress and uncertainty these days can make it harder for people to keep up with their normal routines, including medication management. However, taking your medication correctly and consistently is important for staying healthy, both during this pandemic and beyond.

Check out our tips for medication management during COVID-19.

Establish a routine

If you’re feeling like every day is the same during COVID-19, you’re not alone. Without your normal routine in place, you may be getting up at a different time, going to bed later than usual or eating at odd hours. One day can easily blend into the next.

When your routine is disrupted, it can be harder to keep up with taking your medications. But not managing your medicine and taking them as prescribed can have negative effects on your health. So, even though your day-to-day life might look different than it did in pre-COVID-19 times, you can still get into a routine.

Try these tips:

  • Take your medication when you do regular daily activities. For example, it could be after you eat breakfast or before you’ve brushed your teeth for bed. Be sure to check with your doctor before changing your medication regimen, however — some medicines are meant to be taken at a certain time of day or have other requirements.
  • Set alarms on your smartphone or put sticky notes up in your home to remind you to take your medications.
  • Buy a pill calendar or put pill bottles in a prominent spot where you’re sure to see them.

Talk to your doctor

Don’t wait until you you’re nearly out of medication before requesting a refill. Get in touch with your health care provider and find out how they’re handling the refill process during COVID-19.

If you need an appointment before your doctor can order your meds, there should be a process in place. Your doctor has a plan to maintain social distancing while getting you the care and answers you need.

Some of the ways your doctor might help support your medication management efforts include:

  • Virtual appointments
  • Providing 90-day prescriptions
  • Prescribing lower-cost medications if available

What if you lost your insurance coverage?

Many people have lost their health insurance coverage during COVID-19 due to job loss.

How can you keep up with your medications if you’ve lost your insurance coverage? There are resources available to help! Some of your options depend on factors like household income and where you live.

Resources to consider include:

  • State-run programs like Medicaid
  • Pharmacy discount cards and coupons
  • Subsidized health plans available through
  • Patient assistance programs through pharmaceutical companies like GSK, Novartis and Pfizer

The importance of keeping up with your medications doesn’t lessen during COVID-19. Our health care providers are working hard to help patients like you stay healthy during the pandemic and into the future.

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