What Drives Sandi as a Leader

Mar 26 2024

Meet Sandi Medley, our chief nursing officer (CNO) at Mercy Health — Kings Mills Hospital! With a career spanning more than a decade with our ministry, Sandi’s dedication to patient care and her team is truly inspiring.

But what exactly drives her as a leader?

A calling sparked by compassion

Sandi’s path in health care wasn’t meticulously planned. It grew out of a very emotional and personal experience: her son’s birth that led to a stay at a children’s hospital. There, Sandi witnessed the unwavering care and compassion of the nurses, and this left an enduring mark.

“They wanted the best for us, and it showed with each word and touch,” Sandi recalls.  

Inspired by their dedication, Sandi knew she wanted to follow that spirit of giving back.

Leading with empathy and openness

Today, at Kings Mills Hospital, Sandi embodies that same patient-centric approach. Her days are an active blend of strategic planning, team interactions and visiting with patients. While meetings are inevitable, her heart lies in connecting with team members and patients.

“Ensuring everyone has what they need to care for patients” is Sandi’s top priority. This focus on open communication fosters a positive work environment where team members feel valued and empowered.

Advice for aspiring nurses

For women considering a career in health care, Sandi emphasizes the importance of self-awareness.

“Know your ‘why,'” she urges. Having a strong reason for pursuing nursing, along with compassion and a commitment to lifelong learning, is key to success.

“Remember to care for yourself, too,” she adds, highlighting the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The hallmarks of a successful leader

For Sandi, a successful leader fosters trust and collaboration. Building strong relationships with staff and physicians allows for a team-oriented approach to delivering high-quality care. Additionally, possessing business acumen enables strategic growth of services to meet community needs.

Mentorship: paying it forward

Leadership, for Sandi, extends beyond just planning. Mentoring new nurse leaders is a role she cherishes. Having benefitted from mentors herself, she understands the value of guidance and support. And witnessing the growth of these new leaders brings her immense satisfaction.

Finding strength in faith and family

When challenges arise, Sandi draws inspiration from her faith and family. Their unwavering support provides her with the strength to navigate difficult situations. This balance between professional dedication and personal grounding is what makes Sandi such an effective and inspiring leader.

Sandi’s story is a testament to the power of compassion, clear communication and a commitment to both patients and team members. As she continues to lead at Kings Mills Hospital, one can be certain that her passion for patient care and her dedication to her team will continue to shine through.

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