Samuel Ross, MD, John Starcher and Sr. Doris Gottemoeller, RSM

2021 Catholic Health Association Awards Go to Three Mercy Health Leaders

May 18 2021

In this year’s annual awards given by the Catholic Health Association (CHA), three of our ministry’s leaders have won three of the most prestigious awards.

John Starcher, president and CEO of Bon Secours Mercy Health (above, center) has been awarded the Sister Concilia Moran Award for demonstrated creativity, leadership and breakthrough thinking that advances Catholic health care.

Named for a truly visionary leader, CHA’s Sr. Concilia Moran Award is presented to a trailblazing thinker who demonstrates an understanding of ministry identity rooted in the church. John has been recognized as a leader who demonstrates the ability to envision and innovate, then influence and set future directions for the ministry. In receiving this award, John has also been recognized for his ability to identify needs not yet seen by others, and to shape those circumstances into tangible opportunities for extending the healing ministry of Catholic health care. Sr. Concilia Moran Award recipients are also recognized for their creative direction of new concepts, structures and solutions that have taken Catholic health care in new directions.

Sr. Doris Gottemoeller, RSM, chair, Bon Secours Mercy Health Ministries, (above, right) has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for her lifetime of contributions to Catholic health care.

In receiving this award, Sr. Doris has been recognized for her work in inspiring and mentoring numerous others in Catholic health care and for her accomplishments, over the course of her career, which have been recognized for having strengthened Catholic health care. Her leadership has also extended past the Catholic health ministry to influence and impact the local community and beyond.

Dr. Samuel Ross, MD, our ministry’s recently retired chief community health officer, (above, left) has been awarded the Sister Carol Keehan Award for boldly championing society’s most vulnerable.

Created in honor of Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, for her courageous work to ensure everyone — regardless of means, race, religion or creed — has access to quality health care, CHA annually recognizes an individual who advances the healing mission of Jesus by valiantly advocating for a more equitable and compassionate health system. Throughout his career, Dr. Ross exhibited a deep commitment to social justice, particularly in his groundbreaking work in Baltimore, where he boldly defended the most poor and vulnerable through the creation of our Community Works programs that address social determinants of health. In winning this award, Dr. Ross has been recognized for his commitment to others and his demonstrated ability to shape public opinion, influence the work of others, remain steadfast in the face of adversity and courageously championing a cause to further the common good.

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