Dr. Anthony D. Atkins

How Dr. Atkins Beginnings Inspired His Career in Service

Feb 25 2021

In honor of Black History Month, we are featuring one of our physicians who gives back to the underserved through mentorship and education.

Growing up in inner-city Detroit, MI, Anthony Atkins, MD, witnessed disparities related to race, geography and income that create uneven access to health care and treatment. Therefore, from a very young age, Dr. Atkins saw the need to educate his community.

His journey to become a doctor wasn’t easy and he has learned some hard lessons along the way. He ultimately joined the U.S. Air Force as a medic, which led him to post-baccalaureate work at The Ohio State University. As of today, he has been practicing family medicine for 30 years.

“I’m passionate about family medicine because I’m able to treat anyone from the youth to the elderly,” shares Dr. Atkins.

Dr. Atkins has continued to live out his life’s mission by serving underserved populations through health care and mentorship. He celebrates Black History Month all year by serving others inside and outside of his practices.

“I remember seeing the need for health care in my community growing up, and I preach the same thing to the youth as I do to the elderly,” he says. “Helping them understand the importance of taking care of their bodies and prevention of diseases from diabetes and hypertension to sexually transmitted diseases and the effects of drug-use.”

In recent years, Dr. Atkins formed a hip-hop group called Lifestoryz, which explores anti-drugs and anti-violence themes to help the youth. He has been recognized nationally because of the popularity of his album.

We celebrate our diversity at Mercy Health. The significant contributions to our ministry made by many African Americans continue to make us a stronger and better organization.

Learn more about our mission as well as the health care services we provide at Mercy Health.

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