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Daily Tips for a Healthy Autumn Season

Sep 6 2022

As the weather changes and there is less daylight, autumn health issues start to arise. These health issues include things such as colds, stomach viruses, allergies and the flu.

However, fall health concerns don’t need to become stressful. Stay healthy with fall health tips and healthy fall foods to keep you feeling your best as you say “so long” to summer.

Health and wellness tips for the fall season

Staying healthy through the autumn season takes a nice combination of wholesome habits. Be sure to add the following tips to your daily routine.

  • Get enough vitamin D. As the days become shorter, natural light can lead to a lack of vitamin D. Try to get outside in the sunlight for 15 minutes per day to get your fill.
  • Take a brisk walk. If you tend to be really active in summer months, the cooler fall temps might keep you indoors more. Schedule a quick walk at lunchtime to get fresh air and a bit of exercise.
  • Stay hydrated. Believe it or not, feeling chilly can dehydrate you much like sweating on a hot day can, as your body works hard to stay warm. Track your water intake to be sure you get enough water.
  • Check your calorie intake. As we naturally stay indoors more, it’s easy to become less active. When we are less active, we need fewer calories. Comfort food is synonymous with cooler temps, yet these dishes can often pack in more calories. Evaluate your input and your output to stay on top of your weight and maintain healthy balance.
  • Be vigilant about handwashing. This isn’t just a fall tip but one that you need to practice all year round.
  • Schedule any check-ups that you may have missed over the summer. Staying on top of your wellness visits, as well as any vaccines you might need, is key to staying healthy.

Fall weather doesn’t need to mean you have to accept getting sick. While you might get a cold or a bug, keeping your immune system strong can help you fight it off and make sure your symptoms are minor.

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