Amber Kelly, MSN, RN

Amber’s Journey from Nurse to Educator

Jan 27 2023

Amber Kelly, MSN, RN, an assistant professor at Mercy College of Ohio, Toledo Campus, has also been serving with our ministry since 2007.

Amber shares that she has always felt called to nursing.    

“Growing up, I always knew I was going to be a nurse. I just always knew in my heart that I was meant to help people. Trusting God’s plan and blindly taking a step of faith can be intimidating but is so worth it.”  

After graduating nursing school in 2007, Amber began her nursing journey at Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical Center in our neuro intensive care unit (ICU)/stepdown unit.

“I started working on my Bachelor of Science in Nursing right away and received that degree in 2009,” Amber shares. “Around that same time, my manager asked me to orient new hires to the ICU and stepdown units. That is when I fell in love with nursing education. I continued to orient new hires and helped with the yearly neuro ICU-related competencies.” 

Then in 2017, Amber decided to further her education and completed her Master of Science in nursing education in 2019. 

“During this time, I stayed full time in the neuro ICU/stepdown unit and began teaching clinicals for Mercy College on my off weekends. In 2020, I transferred full time to my current position, teaching first and second semester nursing students in lecture and clinical at Mercy College.”   

What Amber finds most rewarding about nursing education is watching her students have that “light bulb” moment and then apply their knowledge while caring for patients.

“It gives confirmation that they are going to make a difference in so many people’s lives,” Amber says.   

As for the COVID-19 pandemic, Amber opens up about her colleagues and how it has left a lasting impact on nurses.

“The pandemic has helped nurses know their self-worth and how essential they are in health care. Nurses everywhere have had to adapt quickly, figuring out how to make the best of the situation we are in while still advocating for our patients. To the public, the pandemic has come in waves, but for nurses it has been a constant. When I reflect on being part of the nursing profession during the last few years, I am most proud of our resilience and commitment to providing the best possible care.”

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