Ashley (Laura) Short

Getting to Know Ashley, a New Primary Care Provider

Jan 17 2022

“My dad became ill when I was young,” Ashley (Laura) Short, advanced practice registered nurse, who recently joined Mercy Health – Powell County Primary Care, shares. “I grew up in hospitals and having health care workers in our home. I was intrigued and appreciated all they did for him. So, when I became an adult and started having children, I loved every aspect of the entire experience.”

We are so happy to have Ashley serving as a primary care provider in Clay City, Ky.

“I chose this career because I want to care for everyone in a family! I enjoy treating people in all walks of life,” she says. “The most rewarding aspect of family medicine is being able to make someone feel better and educating them on how to have a healthier life.”

Ashley recognizes the challenges of being a provider. However, she makes it a priority to stay current on ever-changing guidelines and advancements on medications in order to safely and effectively care for her patients.

As for her approach to care, she shares, “I treat each patient as an individual. I don’t assume to know or have preconceived notions. I feel that I am Jesus’s hands and feet and it is my duty to best care for every person the way God would want me to.”

Ashley also shares that building a strong patient and provider relationship is essential to providing quality medical care.

“We are partners,” she explains. “I am on their side and want the best for each one of my patients. As long as we have honesty and transparency, then we can get to the root of each problem and find solutions that work for everyone.”

Overall, Ashley feels that providing care to others has made an important impact on her life.

“I experience big impacts each day. Every time a patient thanks me for taking the time to listen or for extending compassion, I am rewarded. I feel I’m fulfilling my purpose as a health care provider when I care for my patients and they feel valued.”

We’re so grateful for Ashley and all our other advanced practice registered nurses working hard to take care of our patients. Mercy Health is where nurses mean the world!

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