Kathy and Misty

Kathy Finds the Addiction Support She Needs

Apr 13 2021

Kathy Yeary describes her life between 2010 and 2014 as overwhelming. She experienced much loss, including the death of both her mother and her sister.

Issues with alcohol abuse had been a part of her life. However, Kathy was sober for 14 years before these events turned her life upside down. She didn’t know how to cope.

To escape the pain she was feeling, Kathy drank for nearly two straight days and took pills. She revealed this to a friend and her friend was so worried that she called 9-1-1. An ambulance brought Kathy to Mercy Health – Marcum and Wallace Hospital. There, she was introduced to Misty Dehart, a peer support specialist and member of the HELP (Healing, Empowering, Living Program) Team.

In 2019, Marcum and Wallace Hospital implemented the HELP Team, also known as the Quick Response Team (QRT), which was developed with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The HELP team, comprised of a peer support specialist, community paramedic and behavioral health consultant, work hand in hand with addiction patients to get them the assistance they need. Their overall goal is building a respectful relationship.

Kathy (pictured above left) became Misty’s client and Misty (pictured above right) got in touch with her after their initial interaction in the emergency room.

“Pain can be more than we know what to deal with,” says Misty. “I meet people where they are in their addiction and try to help them realize that they are not alone. There is a way out.”

Misty provides clients with information about available resources. She also shares her own addiction and recovery story to provide hope and encouragement.

“I am so glad that Misty reached out to me,” says Kathy. “As of today, I am four weeks sober.”

Kathy has found a therapist who helps her deal with her grief. She has also gotten back to hobbies she enjoys like sewing and quilting.

“I have an awesome support system including my husband, sisters, family members and church. If sharing my story will help one person, that would be great,” she adds.

Our HELP Team meets with clients and provides them with services depending on their current state in the addition or recovery process. The team has access to resources including inpatient or outpatient services, medication assisted therapy (MAT), medical detox, Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA) meetings and other peer led groups. Clients also receive education about substance use disorder, harm reduction and behavioral health services.

Learn more about the behavioral health services we offer at Mercy Health.

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Rhonda willis

I’m glad to see mercy health has this program. I hadn’t heard about this program until last week. I’m so happy to see that there is help and support for people.
April 14th, 2021 | 5:25am

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