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Mercy Stories: Wound Care Center

Aug 30 2018

A Wound Care Center of Distinction: healing with care and compassion

Donald Beadles was shocked when he found out he had oral cancer. He had never smoked or chewed tobacco. Doctors recommended surgery and radiation. But due to his radiation treatments, Donald developed osteoradionecrosis (ORN), a side effect of radiation that can lead to soft tissue damage and bone necrosis.

“It was very painful. My gums were deteriorating and my jaw bones were exposed. I was losing weight because I couldn’t eat,” Donald said. “Thankfully, my oral surgeon told me about Lourdes Wound Care Center’s hyperbaric oxygen treatments that could help with my wounds that were not healing.”

“Hyperbaric oxygen is used to treat the damaged tissue,” Dr. Jason Banister of Lourdes Wound Care Center said. “While in the chamber, a patient receives 100% oxygen, delivered at two times the normal atmospheric pressure.  This treatment produces an increased oxygenation of damaged tissue, new blood vessel formation, improved infection control and wound healing.”

Donald went through 30 hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

I noticed an improvement after a few treatments and that encouraged me to keep going,” Donald said. “It was definitely worth my time to get my wounds healed.”

Lourdes Wound Care Center and Hyperbaric Medicine was been named a 2017 Center of Distinction by Healogics, Inc. the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services. To earn this, Lourdes Wound Care Center achieved outstanding clinical outcomes for 12 consecutive months, including patient satisfaction higher than 92 percent, and a minimum healing rate of at least 91 percent within 30 median days to heal.

“Every day we are trying to make a difference for our patients to help them return to a better quality of life without being limited by a chronic wound,” says Dr. Timothy Ranval, Medical Director of the Lourdes Wound Care Center and Hyperbaric Medicine. “The Center of Distinction honor is exciting and supports our mission of truly providing hope and healing to the patients we serve.”

Do you have a wound that won’t heal? Learn more about if hyperbaric oxygen treatments could be right for you or find a doctor near you today.

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