Jamie Learns the Importance of Work-Life Balance from Julie

Mar 2 2023

This Women’s History Month, we are celebrating the women who inspire other women across our ministry. Jamie Houseman, president of Mercy Health – Urbana Hospital, shares a personal story about the person who took a chance and changed her life.

It would have been hard to predict how things would end up 25 years ago. Jamie was a graduate student straight out of Xavier University. It was at that time that Julie Hanser, a regional CEO in Cincinnati, saw great promise in Jamie.

“She provided many opportunities for me to network, learn and jump into roles all over Cincinnati,” Jamie shares. “She was a remarkable leader who was well respected and taught me a tremendous amount in one year. In fact, she was the only female regional CEO in Catholic Health Partners at that time.”

Jamie recalls one of the most important lessons Julie taught her.

“She always said that ‘our greatest resource in this company has and continues to be our people,” Jamie shares.

Sadly, Julie has passed away, but the impression she left will never fade.

“She taught me to be genuine in all that I do and to never be afraid to say I didn’t know something, but to know where my resources were. I have learned that, and it is honestly the best part of my job!” Jamie adds.

According to Jamie, Julie not only had a great outlook on work, but also on life.

“She inspired me when she said her life goal was to find the man of her dreams and retire living on a golf course.”

The significance of life outside of work has always been important to Jamie because of Julie’s words.

Reflecting on the role Julie had in her life, Jamie shares that, “if Julie were here now, I would thank her for the many doors she opened, the lessons she taught me, both in and outside of work, and the numerous people she introduced to me. I am forever grateful.”

Jamie hopes to be an inspirational leader just as Julie was to her.

“I would tell other women to find something they love to do and call it work. I would also say to always work hard at the life outside of work as a mother, daughter, friend, etc. Finding a career that can allow you to be your genuine self is the true ingredient to happiness.”

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