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Jim Had Both Knees Replaced at the Same Time

Sep 14 2023

Over time, James “Jim” Benson (pictured above, left) found himself struggling with debilitating knee pain and limited mobility. With a career as a nurse that demanded constant activity as well as his love for an active lifestyle, Jim’s knees bore the brunt of a life well-lived.

“My knees were always in pain, and the steps became a challenge,” he recalls. “Even getting up from my knees was a struggle.” 

Jim’s journey toward a pain-free life began when he consulted with his primary care provider, who then referred him to Bradley J. Morse, MD, (pictured above, right) an orthopedic surgeon in our Toledo market.

“Dr. Morse and I discussed my options,” Jim explains. “We started with injections, which helped initially but became less effective over time.”

Together, they made the choice to explore surgical options.

“We decided that it was time for a change. I requested to have both knees replaced at the same time. Dr. Morse felt I was a good candidate due to my health and activity level.”

The pre-surgery process was seamless for Jim, thanks to our supportive pretesting team and comprehensive educational resources.

“The staff made everything easy for me,” Jim says. “I received a booklet that provided valuable information, making me feel fully prepared for surgery.”

Following Jim’s surgery, he felt the support from his family and health care team.

“My son came and stayed with me for a day, and my wife’s constant encouragement meant the world.”

Dr. Morse adds, “Our total joint team of nurses and physical therapists are essential for our anticipated same day discharges. Eighty five percent or more of our total knee and total hip patients go home the same day. The fact that Jim went home the same day with a bilateral knee replacement is a testament to their expertise.”

Following his same-day discharge, he began his two-week at-home physical therapy, followed by six weeks of outpatient physical therapy sessions. Jim remembers his entire experience with his health care team positively.

“The nurses were wonderful,” Jim shares. “They cared for me and were always checking up on me. The entire staff was fantastic. Even the anesthesia team made me laugh!”

Since Jim’s successful knee surgeries, he’s been able to get back to doing what he loves.

“Thanks to the great care I received, I can now enjoy family gatherings, fishing trips up north in Michigan, playing golf, swimming and lifting my grandkids. I can even take leisurely walks and carry things around without pain.”

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