dr kevin cochran performs new coronary artery disease treatment
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Mercy Physician the First in Tristate to Perform Tryton Side Branch Implant

Feb 26 2018

Learn more about the new coronary artery disease treatment.

Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, affecting millions of Americans annually. The condition is a result of plaque building up where one artery branches to another, also known as a bifurcation. It’s also called coronary heart disease or heart disease.

Approximately 20 to 30% of patients with blocked arteries have a bifurcation lesion in a side branch. While previous procedures that treated this were associated with a high risk of blocking a side branch, which would often require a second surgery, the FDA has approved a new procedure that simplifies this treatment.

The Tryton Side Branch Stent is a cobalt chromium stent that simplifies treatment of bifurcation lesions by treating the main artery and affected side branch in one procedure.

Why the Tryton Side Branch Stent works

Mercy Health’s Kevin Cochran, MD, was the first doctor in the tristate to implant the stent after FDA approval.

“Its design, which resembles scaffolding, props open the side branch and allows for the placement of a conventional drug eluting stent in the main vessel,” Dr. Cochran said. “This allows us to treat the entire bifurcation in a way that provides more predictable patient outcomes.”

Dr. Cochran practices at Mercy Health — The Heart Institute, at Fairfield Hospital. After he implanted the first stent in April 2017, he has successfully performed additional procedures.

“There are other benefits for patients, as well,” he said. “Implanting a coronary artery stent is a less invasive procedure than bypass surgery and stenting involves a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery than surgery.”

Cardiologists have treated more than 12,000 patients around the world with the Tryton Side Branch Stent and over 100 research sites in more than 15 countries have evaluated the technology.

The pivotal Tryton Randomized Clinical Trial was the largest coronary bifurcation study ever conducted. The results of using the Tryon Side Branch Stent showed reductions in target vessel failure and side branch narrowing when compared to conventional provisional treatment with balloon angioplasty in the side branch.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Tryon Side Branch Stent, our team can help. Call 513-751-4222 to make an appointment with The Heart Institute. If you’re not located near Fairfield Hospital, call 513-952-5000 or visit mercy.com to find a doctor near you today.

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