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From Pain to Possibilities: Charlie’s Knee Replacement Journey

Jun 22 2023

For years, Charlie had been grappling with persistent knee pain.

“I’ve had knee pain for many years, but throughout the last year, it really escalated,” Charlie explains. “As an asphalt-paving foreman, I do a lot of driving and walking. By the end of the day, my knees were exhausted, and I couldn’t do much of anything at home.”

Desperate for relief, Charlie turned to his physical therapist for guidance.

“I had been going to physical therapy at Fort Meigs YMCA, and my therapist recommended I go to Dr. Miller,” he recalls. “I had also heard there were low infection rates and good outcomes at Mercy Health. So, I made an appointment with Dr. Miller at the Perrysburg location.”

Charlie found the entire process with Richard Miller, DO, and our team to be very efficient and well-coordinated.

“I got an X-ray done, and then I saw Dr. Miller right after to review,” Charlie recalls. “We decided together that it was time for surgery.”

He continues, “the comprehensive pre-surgery class provided by Rhonda Jordan was very informative and helped me feel prepared. She even gave the class her number for questions and concerns, which I appreciated and used.”

Throughout his entire journey, Charlie was impressed by the exceptional care and support he received from our health care providers.

He adds that Dr. Miller stood out for his thoroughness and honest approach.

“Dr. Miller wasn’t pushy. He laid everything out for me in a way I could understand. He was very honest and no-nonsense.”

Our nursing and therapy staff also left a positive impact on Charlie.

“I genuinely appreciated all the nurses and staff as well as their positive attitudes. I didn’t have a single negative comment,” he expresses.

Our pre-op nurses in particular helped put him at ease before surgery.

“The pre-op nurses were funny and sweet, they answered my questions and made me feel comfortable.”

Then, after surgery, the therapy team encouraged Charlie and helped him make a quick recovery.

“The physical therapy program at the Perrysburg YMCA is outstanding. They are as excited about my progress as me.”

Now having gone through knee surgery and receiving exceptional care, Charlie’s life has undergone a positive transformation.

“I can now go up and down the stairs in my home without difficulty. I can play with my grandchildren, which brings me joy,” he shares.

Additionally, Charlie can once again enjoy walks with his family and fishing.

“My four sons and I are fishermen, and we enjoy wild brook trout fishing on the Pennsylvania mountain streams. Due to my knee pain, we hadn’t been able to go in the past few years. After my double knee replacements, we were all able to go together again.”

With his appreciation for his care team, Charlie’s knee replacement journey serves as an inspiration for others seeking relief and a better quality of life.

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