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Regional Spotlight: Get Outdoors in Lorain

Jul 20 2018

Lorain, Ohio is a nature lover’s paradise. It’s located on the Black River along Lake Erie. The city is 25 miles west of Cleveland. Scenic beaches and parks abound, offering many outdoor activities. Explore these breathtaking areas in Lorain with outdoor adventures from hiking to bird-watching and boating.

Family fun and adventure

Take your family on memorable adventures while in Lorain. Enjoy these family activities on the ground, in the air or on the water:

  • Zipline canopy tours let you fly above the treetops on an adventure. Common Ground Canopy Tours offers a 2.5-hour tour that takes you through Vermilion River Valley.
  • Farm tours let you take your family to generations-old farms in the area. If you love alpacas, don’t miss Our Little World Alpacas farm in Grafton Township in Lorain County.
  • Kayaking and paddling are popular activities in the area. Grab a kayak or paddle to explore the nearby lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Kayaks and paddles are available to rent at several places in Lorain.

If you’re looking for a slower pace for some family fun, relax and bird-watch at Lorain County’s parks and beaches. Bring your binoculars. Be on the lookout for the bald eagle.

Relaxing in Lakeview Park

Lorain’s famous 20-acre Lakeview Park is filled to the brim with activities. You can sunbathe, swim, play beach volleyball or lawn bowl. There’s also a playground for the kids. Lakeview Park is known for its picturesque sunsets and views of the Lorain Lighthouse and Lake Erie. The park is also known for its beautifully renovated Rose Garden where many weddings take place.

Biking and hiking in Summit Metro Parks

Just an hour away from Lorain, Summit Metro Parks is worth the trip. There you can visit the 34-mile-long Bike & Hike Trails. They follow the course of two abandoned railroads and a scenic section of the Cuyahoga River. You may spot birds such as great blue herons and Canadian geese. From the trail you’ll be able to see the 75-foot Brandywine Falls, one of Ohio’s highest waterfalls.

Lorain’s themed trails

Lorain has miles of scenic land and water trails. If you’re looking for a trail with a twist, consider these routes:

  • Patchwork trails, where you can bike and hike while enjoying the color and beauty of patchwork quilt art.
  • Geocaching trails, where visitors enjoy geocaching — a high-tech treasure hunt for the whole family. Caches are small containers with tiny treasures or secret words. Cachers find them hidden along trails. There are cache treasures along the 23 miles of Lake Erie.
  • Water trails, where you can take a 27-mile-long journey along the Vermilion River Reservation to the mouth of the Black River and beyond. Kayaks and canoes are welcome to enter the trail at different points.

Lorain’s routes and trails have markers and signs on them for safe travel.

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