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Fast Response Leads to Positive Post-Stroke Outcomes for Marion

Aug 25 2020

When it comes to strokes, time is brain. Marion Rice and her family know this all too well. But thanks to the quick response of team members at Mercy Health – St. Charles Hospital, Marion received life-saving care right when she needed it.

In July, Marion was waiting to be discharged from the progressive care unit at St. Charles when her care team noticed that the vibrant 88-year-old woman was having difficulty speaking and showing signs of weakness. The student nurse extern, Stephanie Neuber, who was assisting Marion at the time, went to nurse Molly Duschl for help. Molly then acted quickly and activated a stroke alert.

Within minutes, Marion could no longer move her the right side of her body or speak at all. The stroke team, which included Meghan Horvath and Dawn McMullen, quickly responded and assessed Marion. She was immediately taken for brain imaging.

Thanks to our telestroke program, an endovascular neurosurgeon from the neuroscience institute at Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical Center examined Marion’s image and diagnosed her with a significant brain blockage. This diagnosis would have caused life-long disability if it had not been treated right away.

Marion was then immediately sent to St. Vincent Medical Center where she underwent a procedure to remove the blockage.

“We have never been prouder to call ourselves Mercy Health employees,” says Sherri, the sister of Marion’s daughter-in-law and a member of the Mercy Health team. Marion’s daughter, Julie, also works at St. Charles Hospital.

“Every interaction and process we follow at Mercy Health were shown in Marion’s excellent outcomes. To see this firsthand when it’s one of your family members is extraordinary.”

After the clot was retrieved, Marion began to speak to her care team. She recalls remembering everything that happened. Today, Marion has regained nearly full mobility on her right side and is able to speak well. Her outcome would likely not have been as positive without the excellent, quick response of the care team at St. Charles.

“Our family will forever be grateful for the respect, dignity, and care she received from the time of admission till she was transferred to St. Vincent,” says Sherri.

Learn more about the stroke care services we provide at Mercy Health.

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