Mike and Karen: Staying Active After Retirement

Jan 17 2020

The Mercy Health – Springfield Wellness Center is giving Mike and Karen Muska a supportive, affordable fitness program.

Both retired and nearing 70, Mike and Karen were looking for a way to stay active and healthy together. However, neither had any experi­ence with the gyms and exercise facilities in their community.

Since they trust Mercy Health with their healthcare needs, it felt like a natural fit for the Muskas to join the Mercy Health — Springfield Well­ness Center, a facility funded through Mercy Health Foundation donor gifts.

“We’ve used the Mercy Health facilities,” Karen says. “We are really impressed with the staff, the cleanli­ness and attentive care. Rather than going to one of the name-brand gyms, we felt that we wanted to go to a place with that reputation.”

The pair exercise with the help of a personal trainer at the Wellness Center and have seen the benefits of both the facility and its model for wellness.

“I’ve never been self-motivated when it comes to an exercise program,” Mike says. “What grabbed me about this program was the idea of having a trainer, a mentor, an instructor to show me what to do. That has been very helpful to me.”

“I’m 68 years old and I don’t want to lose the ability to do things because I’m getting older,” Karen says. “The Wellness Center allows me that opportunity.”

“We both look forward to going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” Mike adds. “It’s become part of our routine.

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