Candy Hesseling

Candy Has a Fantastic Urology Patient Experience

Oct 21 2020

Candy Hesseling had been on the Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center team for years. As a member of the linen department, she had seen firsthand how her coworkers serve patients and their families daily.

However, Candy didn’t have a true appreciation for this compassionate care until she became a patient herself. After suffering from urology issues, she finally decided it was time to make an appointment with St. Rita’s Urology.

“My surgery was on the first of this month and it has been life changing,” Candy recalls. “Dr. Omar Khan is absolutely amazing. He’s very compassionate and has excellent bedside manners. He took the time to listen, answer questions which made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.”

Candy remembers that for many months, she had high anxiety while at work as well as every time she left her house. She would worry about her urinary condition and what that meant if she was away from home. Even tasks as simple as grocery shopping caused her to worry. She had lost her confidence.

“I’m now able to do everything I should have been able to do without fear — no anxiety,” she shares. “I know Dr. Khan has probably done this type of surgery a hundred times. However, when a physician goes above and beyond to improve the life of his patient, that can’t go unrecognized. I don’t think he truly knows how much he’s impacted my life.”

“Even when faced with burdensome health issues, Candy has always maintained positive. So, to be able to improve her life has been an honor and privilege,” shares Omar Khan, MD, Mercy Health urologist. “I would argue these experiences are as rewarding for myself as they are for the patient. That’s why at St. Rita’s Urology, we emphasize physicians always being available to our patients, to guide them through their journey. Even after surgery, we want to be a resource and advocate for them during challenging times. “

Not only was the procedure life-changing, but Candy’s care team members warmed her heart. She shared that while she was already a member of the St. Rita’s team, she became a part of the surgery family.

“The same-day surgery team has always been so friendly. They smile when I pass them to stock linen. But the day of my surgery, it was so much more,” Candy shares. “They made me feel like I was a part of their family. The care they gave and the compassion they showed made my experience wonderful.”

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