Tiffany Beed, certified nurse practitioner (CNP),
Heart and Vascular

Springfield Heart House: Caring for a Community

Mar 9 2020

The providers at Springfield Heart House see more than 10,000 patients a year. With so many people in this area affected by heart problems, it’s no surprise that congestive heart failure is an important health concern for the Springfield, OH community.

Thus, in early 2019 the Springfield Heart House opened a congestive heart failure center to provide additional support for individuals managing this potentially life-threatening condition.

Tiffany Beedy (pictured above), certified nurse practitioner (CNP), was instrumental in establishing the center. She says a lot of patients don’t understand that their everyday choices impact their heart as well as their health as a whole. She believes being able to develop a trusting relationship with patients can make a big difference.

For example, Tiffany recalls a patient who was not taking his heart medication because it was causes frequent urination. As a truck driver, he was unable to stop consistently to use the restroom. However, once this obstacle was identified, Tiffany was able to adjusted his medication to better fit his lifestyle.

Meet the Springfield Heart House’s nurse practitioners and learn more about the congestive heart failure center in this video.

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