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Chaplain Brett Exhibits the Ministry of Jesus in Every Interaction

Sep 21 2022

Chaplain Brett Benton (pictured above, right), who serves at Mercy Health – Marcum and Wallace Hospital in Irvine, Ky., shows his colleagues and patients kindness and compassion every day.

“The special touch that you provide to patients, patients’ families and team members cannot be measured with a simple thank you,” Dana Stepp (pictured above, left), a senior grants manager at the hospital, shared when recently recognizing Brett. “But I do want to say thank you for fulfilling God’s ministry to those hurting and in need.”

Dana adds, “Brett is always in the moment with each person that he encounters by listening to their needs, being considerate and treating them with dignity. When Brett is with a person in need, he connects emotionally with their distress and meets them exactly when and where they need. Brett is a breath of fresh air and is an invaluable partner to the team of professionals at Marcum and Wallace Hospital.”

Examples of this include seeing him stand in the pouring rain with a patient’s family member who has just passed away and humbly praying with them or talking to someone about their spiritual needs as he gives them a ride home.

Brett shares that his inspiration to show such love and compassion stems from his strong faith.

“Jesus first showed me love and compassion,” he says. “It is because of the love of Christ that I am able to empathize with the hurts of others and I simply try to let Jesus been seen in my actions toward others.”

Brett humbly attributes his acts of kindness and compassion to two things.

“First, God is doing things so much bigger than me, and I am blessed that He allows me to be a part of it. Second, to the amazing leadership of Marcum and Wallace Hospital, whose trust in me has allowed me to grow personally, spiritually and truly live out the purpose God has for me.”

Brett recently received a Core Culture Award in the Called to Shine program, our ministry’s digital recognition program which allows our team members to recognize anyone across the ministry at any time with personalized messages. Our leaders can also allocate points to recognitions they send, and employees can redeem these points for merchandise, experiences and much more.

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