Nicole’s Journey of Growth and Service

Mar 28 2024

“Early in my journey with St. Rita’s Medical Center, I was initially drawn to nursing,” Nicole Hutchison, a senior financial analyst in our Lima market, shares. “However, as I neared the completion of my nursing coursework, I discovered a profound interest and skill on the business side of health care.”

This realization prompted Nicole to transition toward roles that allowed her to make an impact on the financial aspect of health care, ultimately shaping the trajectory of her career.

Starting in an entry-level revenue cycle position at Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center in 2008, Nicole laid the foundation for a fulfilling career in finance, ultimately rising to a leadership role within the organization. Nicole’s success was built on a drive toward continuous learning and development, seizing every opportunity she had for on-the-job training and growth.

“I navigated through various roles within revenue cycle and finance departments, gaining invaluable insights and experiences along the way,” she explains.

In 2020, recognizing the need to further bolster her technical finance skills, and with the encouragement and support from her leaders and family, she made the decision to return to college. Despite the challenges of balancing parenthood and academics, Nicole successfully obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting followed by enrollment in an MBA program – from which she will graduate in May of 2024.

“Graduating as an adult and first-generation college grad was a unique experience that I cherished even more because my children were able to witness and celebrate this milestone with me,” Nicole says. “It was a testament to the idea that there is no singular path to professional growth and success.”

While technical expertise in finance has been central to her career, Nicole shares that the true essence of her journey lies in the culture, community and support that defines St. Rita’s Medical Center.

“Collaborating with operational and clinical leaders not only brings me joy but also reinforces my commitment to our shared mission,” she says. “Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed with the unwavering support and mentorship of colleagues and leaders in our ministry. Their recognition of my potential, sometimes greater than my own, has played a pivotal role in my success.”

Nicole adds, “A mentor once told me, ‘My role as a leader is to recognize and identify potential, but it is on the person to go get it.’ These words resonated deeply with me, emphasizing the importance of self-belief, and taking initiative.”

Outside of her profession, Nicole takes great joy in her roles as a wife and mother.

“My husband, Shane, and I are blessed with three incredible children – Gavin, Ezra and Londyn. We are also united by our faith and commitment to service. Whether through my daily work within our ministry, community service projects with my church small group or active involvement in my children’s lives, the spirit of service permeates every aspect of our family life.”

Nicole is also a youth mentor at Unity Elementary through the organization Kid’s Hope.

“Despite the demands on my time, being there for a child in need has been profoundly rewarding,” she shares. “It serves as a sobering reminder of the transformative power of love, encouragement and mentorship, and the enduring impact we can have on each other’s lives.”

We proud to recognize Nicole for her continued devotion to our Mission and look forward to seeing her continue to grow not only in her career, but as a leader in our community. We are truly blessed to have her as a part of our leadership team.

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