A collage of the thank you notes sent by interns to our Lourdes Hospital team members.

Lourdes Hospital Receives Messages of Gratitude from Around the World

Sep 23 2020

Earlier this summer, Whitney Evans, director of Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital’s neuroscience line, addressed a group of students about her career path. Little did she know, her words would have a huge impact on these individuals from all over the world participating in the Remote Health Administration Internship (RHAI) program.

RHAI is one of the first fully remote internships in health care management. It aims to simulate the experience of an internship with health care leaders and professionals coupled with real-world actionable assignments and project work.

In this time of COVID-19, RHAI has been an innovative way to provide health care experience remotely and Whitney was happy to share her expertise with this group.

Tolulope Adedokun is one RHAI student who was moved by Whitney’s presentations. She wanted to show appreciation to not just Whitney, but to all of the team members at Lourdes Hospital who have been working hard during the current pandemic.

Tolulope and her classmates decided to do this as part of their classwork with a community-outreach project. Ten different RHAI work groups developed their own designs resulting in 10 unique, personalized cards to be given to our Lourdes team members.

“We wanted to send cards on a personal level,” Tolulope shares.

Some of the cards were hand delivered but also were made available digitally so that everyone could see how appreciated they were for being health care heroes. Tolulope notes that the cards project was truly international.

“There are people from Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, some people from Nigerian backgrounds like me,” she shares. “We had a lot of students in India, and we had a student in Germany.”

The appreciation shown by these interns from around the globe was touching for our caregivers, as they were recognized for their commitment and sacrifices during the current pandemic. Thank you to these students of RHIA for their kind gesture!

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