The Huggy's Social House sign

Lorain Area Restaurant Gives Shout Out to Our Care Team

Apr 28 2021

For more than two decades, the Huggy’s Social House sign on Liberty Avenue in Vermillion, OH has shared the news of the town – Happy Birthday messages, engagement announcements, and of course, the occasional luncheon special.

Tom Hug, the restaurant’s owner, says he and his family have climbed a ladder every day for many years to ensure community members are in the know. So, when Tom got a phone call one evening that his brother had been taken by EMS to Mercy Health – Lorain Hospital with possible symptoms of cardiac arrest, it wasn’t long before a “get well” message went up.

Tom’s brother has always lived an active and healthy lifestyle, so this news came as a shock. While his brother was comfortably recovering from two surgeries and four stents put in place, Tom climbed the ladder once again with these letters in hand:


“It was from the bottom of my heart that we wanted to thank the doctor and Mercy (Health),” says Tom. “We were there in the middle of the night and everyone was so nice. Through the grace of God and prayer, and Dr. Holiday, (my brother) is still alive.”

Wes Holiday, DO, a cardiologist, wasn’t a new name for the Hug family. Tom shares that he had heard wonderful things about the doctor from friends. Also, his mother-in-law had previously been cared for by Dr. Holiday. Even knowing Dr. Holiday’s glowing reputation, Tom says he was pleasantly surprised by the doctor’s compassion.

Dr. Holiday spent time with the family during those late hours of the night to ensure their questions were answered. It was this kindness, along with the warmth and understanding of many hospital team members, that helped the Hug family get through some of their scariest moments.

“Everything happened so quickly,” Tom recalls. “[Dr. Holiday] is truly the nicest gentlemen in the world. He was everything you would want to see in a doctor but don’t expect to see in 2021. He answered every question we had and spent a lot of time with us.”

A picture of the Huggy’s sign eventually made it back to the Mercy Health care team and Dr. Holiday. Although unexpected, the team appreciated the gesture. And with almost 20,000 cars traveling past each day, Tom feels his message was well viewed.

Dr. Holiday shares, “our approach at Mercy Health is that we think of every patient as if they were our family member. We believe that if we do that, then good things are bound to happen. The most satisfying part of my job is when I talk to family members after a successful treatment of a heart attack and let them know that their family member is going to be okay. I’m thankful that was the case with Mr. Hug.”

The sign at Huggy’s Social House stayed up for four days until business specials warranted a change. But the sentiment will remain in the Hug family’s hearts for much, much longer.

“The kind gesture by the Hug family was very much appreciated by everyone here,” Dr. Holiday adds. “The ER and Cath Lab staff at Lorain Hospital is made up of amazing individuals that sacrifice so much for the care of this community. It’s nice to be appreciated and recognized in the way the Hug family did. I will have to stop by Huggy’s for a toast one day!”

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