Kathryn’s Passion for Breast Cancer Awareness

Oct 13 2023

Kathryn McCarthy, R.T. (R) (M), knows her way around a mammogram. She’s been working in the field for almost 40 years!

In her five years working for our ministry in our Springfield market, Kathryn’s been driven by trying to provide the highest-quality breast imaging to her patients with the highest compassion possible. Currently, that means heading up our Springfield Mobile Mammography program.

“Most radiologic technologists have many options to choose from when it comes to specializing in the world of imaging,” Kathryn explains. “My team and I chose to go into the field of mammography. Their choice and longevity in this field is a statement about their compassion for helping women beat this disease. I am proud to work with all of them.”

However, Kathryn’s passion and dedication to the people of Springfield goes far beyond just the mobile mammography service.

“Our program includes Mercy Health Springfield Imaging and Lab Center, Mercy Health – Urbana Hospital and Mercy Health Mobile Mammography,” she says. “Our brick-and-mortar centers are both located within six miles of the center of the cities we serve. Our mobile program goes out into Clark, Champaign and surrounding counties to provide services as well.”

Some additional facts Kathryn provides include:  

  • Clark and Champaign counties have some of the highest breast cancer incidence rates in Ohio and Clark County is often the highest in the state, according to Ohio Department of Health Statistics.
  • Our impact of promoting breast cancer awareness in the communities is helping to at least find these cancers in earlier stages of disease when it is the most treatable and with a better prognosis.
  • Our work with the Breast and Cervical Cancer Project, The Breast Cancer Endowment Fund of Clark County, Breast Friends Forever of Champaign County and other financial assistance options allows us to help connect the women in our communities who face financial barriers to funding available for screening and diagnostic services.

“Having a great staff that takes excellent care of the patients we serve and support from our company to offer state-of-the-art equipment to help us fight this disease,” she adds.

Learn more about mammogram services as well as the cancer care services we provide at Mercy Health.

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