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Dr. Bishop Pulls from Personal Experience to Help Others Navigate Cancer Care

Mar 25 2022

Growing up in a small Georgia town, Michael Bishop MD, knew at a young age he wanted to be a physician.

“As a child I would ask for science projects and textbooks for birthday presents; it’s safe to say I was the ‘different one’ in my family,” he shares. “I still remember asking for a Gray’s Anatomy textbook for my 11th birthday, with my parents telling me later in life that they did not know what this was or where to buy it. Ultimately, they found the book and I was a very happy boy.”

Dr. Bishop, who is a radiation oncologist at Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Cancer Center, has been practicing medicine for four years and the last two of those have been spent treating our patients.

When he first came to St. Rita’s, Dr. Bishop remembers how he knew no one but immediately felt welcomed by his new family and built a kinship with his colleagues as well as patients. He shares he still continues to enjoy working with his fellow care team members and feels grateful to be helping to treat his patients.

After losing members of his own family to cancer and seeing their chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Dr. Bishop notes that “the most rewarding aspect of my work is helping patients in the most trying part of their lives.”

“Hearing that you or a family member has cancer is devastating and life-changing,” he adds. “My role as an oncologist is not only to treat cancer but also to support my patients through the journey that is cancer treatment.”  

Dr. Bishop’s personal experiences have allowed him to connect with patients in their time of need. Knowing personally how challenging these times can be, he feels honored and humbled to have the opportunity to help others.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in many negative ways, Dr. Bishop states that, “we have seen a significant transition to telemedicine which has allowed patients to be seen and evaluated without having to leave the comfort of their own home. I feel like this may be at least one positive change related to the pandemic.”

Prior to the pandemic, Dr. Bishop and his wife traveled a lot. Now they both look forward to getting back to that once the time is right.

“I am also the cook in the family and enjoy making different kinds of dishes that we all enjoy,” he says. “We were both very happy that there are several good restaurants in Lima, many of which we have come to love and many yet to try.”

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Linda kolasinski

Iam Michael's grandmother by marriage I am so very proud of u and all u do Love grandma linda
March 28th, 2022 | 4:33pm

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