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Husband and Wife Enjoy Practicing as Primary Care Providers Together

Nov 10 2020

Anthony and Hillary Carnell are not only husband as wife, they are also coworkers! These Mercy Health physicians love practicing together at their Cincinnati location.

“Medicine has been a huge part of our lives since the first time we met,” Anthony shares. “Throughout medical school and residency, we were there to support and challenge one another. The practice we are growing together has been exciting and fun for both of us, and seemingly our patients as well.”

Anthony and Hillary first met on a sand volleyball court at the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine in Phoenix, AZ. Prior to moving to Cincinnati, they worked at separate practices. It was then they realized how much they missed interacting with each other throughout the day.

“We had decided on Cincinnati and were very impressed with the mission of Mercy Health with a focus on providing compassionate care for the community and those in need,” says Hillary. “Mercy Health continues to promote a positive and supportive working environment for their physicians.”

Anthony adds, “they showed amazing support during our initial discussions about working together in the same office. This was a huge part of what we were looking for.”

In addition to their love for each other and working together, Anthony and Hillary also love being primary care providers.

“Being in family medicine, there is always someone and something new that challenges me personally, emotionally and academically. I truly enjoy becoming a part of my patients’ lives. Hillary and I do our best to better their health in the short and long term,” Anthony shares.

Like everyone else early this year, COVID-19 turned the lives of the Carnell family upside down. However, the pandemic has allowed them to care for their patients in different ways, particularly via virtual visits.

“We have all adapted well. Those with the ability to complete virtual encounters have not seemed to have any hesitation. There are many that prefer this method for various reasons as well,” says Anthony.

“Patients continue to appreciate virtual visits being available to them. I find it most beneficial in addressing mental health needs,” Hillary adds.

And as for the future with Mercy Health, Anthony and Hillary both feel that the sky’s the limit.

“I am most excited about the continued growth in our practice and the hospital system as a whole, which will hopefully continue to offer many opportunities for increased outreach and resources for our patients,” says Hillary.

Learn more about the primary care services we offer at Mercy Health and find a provider near you.

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