Dr. Dino Morello

Meet Dr. Morello: Religiously Rooted in Primary Care

Mar 8 2021

Dino Morello, MD, is proud to be a primary care physician at Mercy Health — Kings Mills Primary Care. His love for science and desire to understand the world God created is what initially drew him to the practice of medicine.

“While in college, my intention was to become a chemist. However, I found working in the laboratory very isolating and lonely as I tend to have an extroverted personality,” Dr. Morello shares.

His advisor told him he should consider a career in medicine, as it would combine his love of science and his desire to be around people. Dr. Morello proceeded to set up an internship at a local hospital shadowing a physician for one month and fell in love with the profession.

“Being a primary care physician is a great responsibility and blessing. As a primary care doctor, you need to be able to address acute medical issues as well as manage a patient’s chronic medical conditions,” he says. “There is a strong bond between a patient and their primary care doctor given the emotional connectivity that is innate to the relationship. Being able to help someone deal with physical or emotional issues is a blessing.”

Dr. Morello’s friend and fellow provider convinced him to join the team at Mercy Health. He shares that another reason he was drawn to our ministry is because of our religious mission.

“I feel Mercy Health is a great organization that instills the teachings of Jesus into the mission and vision, especially human dignity, integrity and compassion,” Dr. Morello says. “Working at Mercy Health and being a primary care doctor is truly an honor and gift from God as the good deeds that can be accomplished in this profession are endless.”

Being a doctor isn’t the only focus in Dr. Morello’s life. He is also a hands-on father who thoroughly enjoys being an assistant coach for his younger son’s select soccer team. Therefore, he was understandably happy to find a job opportunity that is close to where he lives which enables him to spend as much time with his family as possible.

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