“His Willingness to Serve is Amazing”: How Craig Lives Out Our Mission

Jun 20 2023

Craig Ratermann, PharmD, BCPS, a pharmacy clinical coordinator as well as residency program director and clinical pharmacy specialist for our pharmacy at Mercy Health – Fairfield Hospital, recently encountered a patient who needed a medication that was not available at his facility. Craig then went the extra mile by driving to another facility to get the medication so it could be administered in a timely manner.

“It was time-sensitive chemotherapy,” Craig explains. “We had some technical difficulties, and our chemo hood was not maintaining proper pressurization, so I coordinated with a sister hospital to help us out. I brought over certain items, and then we compounded the therapy together and I drove it back to Fairfield Hospital so we could administer in a timely fashion.”

He adds, “administration of the chemo being delayed could’ve potentially influenced the patient’s outcome. There really wasn’t an option in my opinion, I just did what needed to be done.”

Craig believes that he, as one of the leaders of pharmacy at the hospital, sets an example by doing that little bit extra for patients. From there, it sets the standard of what type of care and dedication is expected.

“I didn’t ask for volunteers, the therapy needed making and I did what needed to be done and that’s the Fairfield pharmacy way.”

Robin Saxon, DNP, RN, who recognized Craig for his actions, shares that this is just one example of his dedication.

“Whether it be helping a patient like this example or helping new nurses understand medications that they are not so familiar with, he is always positive and encouraging.”

Working with Craig has given Robin confidence that her team is doing all in their power to give the best care possible. Robin feels they will be supplying the most effective and safest agents available.

“Craig is an integral part of our team,” she adds. “He helps both the staff and the patient understand what to expect with treatment. His willingness to serve is amazing.”

Craig feels that anyone on his team would have done the same as him.

“I feel like I belong to a dedicated team, and this scenario just happened to play out with me driving to another hospital,” he shares. “If it were a different day, another one of my team members would’ve done the exact same. And that’s the point. I’m proud to be a pharmacist, I’m proud to be at Fairfield Hospital and I’m proud to be a part of Mercy Health.”

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