With Dogs and Coffee, Linda Makes Others Feel Loved

Apr 20 2023

Linda Rose knows how volunteer work can positively influence others and how rewarding it can be as well.

She, along with a couple of faithful companions, has been volunteering with our ministry since 2009. Linda started at both Mercy Health – St. Joseph Warren Hospital and Mercy Health – St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital with her beloved therapy dog, Sophie. Together, Linda says they have “brought many smiles and comfort to patients as well as the wonderful team at Mercy Health.”

Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and our volunteer program had to be paused, Linda was devastated. So, when the program restarted in 2021, Linda was ready to get back at it. She was awarded the job of coffee cart attendant at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital.

“The job was perfect for me,” Linda shares. “I love walking around serving the visitors in the hospital. I receive so much positive feedback from people about this service. So many times, people offer money to pay for the refreshments and they are pleasantly surprised the hospital offers such a service free of charge.”

In 2022, we proudly resumed our therapy dog program. Linda was once again ready to go. Sophie has since retired and received her angel wings, but Linda has been blessed with a second therapy dog, Frannie. Together they visit the waiting rooms of St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital every week.

“Just walking into the hospital with Frannie brings smiles and greetings from everyone. Sometimes I must remind people that she doesn’t speak because she is often called by name.”

For Linda, volunteering has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. All her time spent giving back to others with her cherished pets has been very special to her.

“I love being associated with this wonderful facility. We are so fortunate to have the talented and dedicated team at Mercy Health in our backyard.”

Learn about our volunteer opportunities as well as the health care services we offer at Mercy Health.

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