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Patient Perspective: Perrysburg Cancer Center

Mar 15 2018

We strive to make your cancer care as comfortable as possible. Learn what sets the Perrysburg Cancer Center apart.

Healing patients involves much more than medicine. At Mercy Health, we pride ourselves in how we incorporate spiritual and mental healing with our patients.

Evidence of this care can be found in our Perrysburg Cancer Center where we are instituting rituals and traditions during a patient’s cancer journey. For example, when patients complete their last chemotherapy treatment, they are invited to ring a gong and celebrate with their family.

Gail Simpson, a cancer patient who began her care at St. Charles Hospital, transferred to the Perrysburg Cancer Center to finish treatment. She was one of the first to ring the gong after finishing chemotherapy.

“It was thrilling and made me feel a part of the Mercy Health family. It was nice to know you belonged,” Gail said. “Even though you were there for chemo treatment, they made you feel special. What a wonderful way to wind down.”

When patients complete their last treatment, they are also given a glass bird as a parting gift. The bird matches the glass art that is weaved throughout the building. Each bird represents a different type of cancer. To Gail, this piece is special as well.

“I love my bird; it’s a reflection of family,” she said. “I didn’t fear going for treatment because I enjoyed seeing everybody. I think back on those happy memories and I’m proud of that bird.”

While battling cancer is never an easy journey, Mercy Health strives to make the journey as comfortable as possible. With traditions and mission-based care, we deliver world-class care and experiences.

“I feel like even though I’m finished I can still stop in without feeling awkward,” Gail said. “I won’t ever forget my experience there. It’s a warm feeling.”

If you’re looking for a cancer care facility, reach out to our team at Perrysburg Cancer Center or any of our other locations throughout Ohio and Kentucky. We are here for you every step of the way. Call 513-952-5000 or visit to learn more today.


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