Carson Christian

How Carson’s Military Experience Helps Her in Her Job Today

Nov 10 2021

As Veterans Day approaches, our ministry is taking time to honor our team members who have served our country in the military and are now serving their communities by providing health care. Carson Christian, a PBX operator at Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital, reflects on her service in the United States Navy.

“I served in the U.S. Navy and was stationed at NCTAMS LANT in Norfolk, VA for four years. My job today is similar to what I did in the military. I was an information systems technician, so troubleshooting and having the right communication skills have stayed with me even after hanging my uniform up for the last time. Also, the teamwork amongst my team members at the hospital today reminds me of the comradery I had with my division as a communication watch officer.

One military experience I will never forget is when I was preparing to leave the U.S. Navy. A lieutenant, who was new to our division, called me to her office. I went in and she had such a stern look on her face and said, ‘so, you’re leaving us?’ I shared that I was sorry I wouldn’t be re-enlisting but that it was time for me to return home.

Even though we had only worked together for a short time, the relationship we developed as a team was very unbreakable. She genuinely didn’t want me to leave, and I still talk with her often. It is a friendship I’ll always value.

Veterans Day to me is taking the day to bring to light the ones that brought light to us when we woke up in the morning. While we are asleep, they are wide awake watching over. It’s remembering all the blood, sweat and tears that they endured to serve their country. We recognize them for all their hard work that they put their hearts and souls into.”

Thank you to Carson as well as all our other veteran team members for your service to our country. Read more stories about our veteran team members.

Also, learn more about the health care services we offer at Mercy Health.

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