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Patients Finding Success with Mercy Health Heart Failure Clinic

Apr 9 2019

Learn how one patient from the Mercy Health Heart Failure Clinic received education and tools needed to take charge of their health.

Even after a life-saving heart procedure, some complications can follow for patients. It can be difficult to feel that heart health is progressing if complications arise. This can be tough to handle on your own. One patient found the help they needed to continue to take care of their heart at the Mercy Health Heart Failure Clinic.

“I believe Cindy and the staff at the Heart Failure Clinic saved my life,” says Duke Parks after having triple bypass surgery one year ago. Even though the surgery was successful, he still suffered from fluid retention and shortness of breath. Also known as edema, water retention occurs when excess fluids build up inside your body and often times can be a symptom of a severe medical condition such as heart failure.

“When we first started working with Mr. Parks, he could not perform any type of activity due to his extreme shortness of breath, “says Cindy Garrett, Heart Failure Clinic Nurse Navigator. “At the Heart Failure Clinic, we are focused on giving the patients the education and tools they need to take charge of their health.”

“I have lost 54 pounds and have kept the weight off. They taught me how to manage my disease at home. I now have the right medications, know how to read labels, know the importance of exercising, and can manage my diet and sodium intake. Thanks to the Heart Failure Clinic, I am back to my normal activities and am feeling great,” says Parks.

Heart failure affects nearly six million Americans and risk increases as we age. Heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalizations in the United States. Since there is no “cure” for heart failure, it is important to stay healthy, follow your doctor’s recommendations, take your medications regularly and call when you have symptoms, questions or concerns. Learn more about Mercy Health’s comprehensive heart and vascular services, and find a doctor near you at mercy.com/heart.


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