LeeAyra Jonelle with her family.

LeeAyra’s Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle with Mercy Health

Sep 16 2020

LeeAyra Jonelle had been struggling with her weight for a while and wasn’t going to let the COVID-19 pandemic stand in her way of starting a new health journey. After researching several options, she found the Mercy Health – Springfield Weight Management non-surgical weight loss program.

LeeAyra started the program in May and her first virtual visit was with Jackie Dahlberg MS, RDN, LD, dietitian and program coordinator.

“We talked about my struggles and challenges and came up with a plan,” LeeAyra says. “We have had some adjustments along the way, but Jackie works with me and is so encouraging. She makes me feel like I could call her at 3 a.m. if I really needed to.”

The non-surgical weight loss program is a year-long journey toward creating a healthier lifestyle. It includes weekly check-ins and nutrition education sessions, weekly newsletter and monthly support groups.

“There is nothing easy about weight loss, but that’s why we are here,” says Jackie. “We offer not just our non-surgical program, but a surgical and medication program option as well. We want to provide the right path and the right support so that everyone has a chance at success.”

LeeAyra admits that getting started was the hardest part. But now, she is walking up to 4 miles a day, creating meal plans and is more thoughtful with her grocery buying habits.

“The program is helping, and Jackie helps me stay motived. She’s like my own personal coach,” LeeAyra shares.

LeeAyra is truly passionate about the choice she has made to take control of her health and continuously encourage others to do the same.

“Being healthy isn’t always easy but you just have to start. Walk outside, set goals and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Love the life you are living and keep pushing even when it seems impossible.”

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey? We are here to help. Learn about the weight loss services we offer at Mercy Health.

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