Michelle Maria Vicens

Michelle Goes the Extra Mile to Help a Cancer Patient in Need

Jan 19 2023

Michelle Maria Vicens, BSN, RN, (pictured above), a nurse manager with the orthopedics/neurology unit at Mercy Health – Lorain Hospital, was recently recognized by her colleague, Adjondi Born APRN, MSN, NP-C.

“Michelle came in last evening to administer medications to a chemotherapy patient because there was no other staff member available,” Adjondi shares. “This patient was one that was not on her floor, but she made herself available for this patient, taking time out of her day and away from her family.”

After reviewing the patient’s chart, orders and medications, Michelle reveals that she then met the patient.

“They were kind and optimistic despite the new diagnosis of cancer,” Michelle says. “The patient and their family understood the process and appreciated the physician as well as the team care being able to start on the treatment quickly. Many people assisted me that day in the process of safely administering the medication. I am very grateful for everyone – from pharmacy and special procedures, to outpatient infusion, nursing and leadership – who helped!”

The patient and Michelle spent more than four hours that evening talking about everything from baseball and dogs to the medications that were being administered.

“They were grateful for the dog that visited during pet therapy that afternoon. They kept the photo of the dog either in their hand or propped on the table for both of us to view,” Michelle shares. “The patient also looked forward to their favorite nurse returning on night shift. Overall, they were very appreciative and thanked me for every action that was completed for their care that evening. I returned home knowing that I fulfilled our ministry’s Mission that evening by providing compassion and service to a kind and gentle patient.” 

In working with Michelle, Adjondi has observed how she not only prioritizes patient care, but also how she leads others.

“Michelle goes the extra mile to care for our patients within our ministry and is very attentive to them,” Adjondi explains. “She makes sure her team has all resources needed to care for our patients, and comes in early and leaves late to assure patient care is top-notch. One of her best leadership qualities is being available to her team members and present on the floor. She provides feedback in a timely manner and is always looking for ways to make the patient experience and patient care better.” 

Michelle shares that community is ultimately the driving force behind her leadership style.

“I’m proud to be a part of an organization that serves my hometown community,” Michelle adds. “Most of the time, we know the families of the patients we care for and therefore they become like family. It’s a sense of service and pride to treat every one of our patients as if they are family members. My goal as leader is to ensure that my staff members treat each patient with respect and dignity and have the resources to efficiently care for their patients.”

Michelle recently received a Leader Award in the Called to Shine program, our ministry’s digital recognition program which allows employees to recognize anyone across the ministry at any time, with personalized messages. Our leaders can allocate points to recognitions they send, and employees can redeem these points for merchandise, experiences and much more.

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