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Passion for Sports Leads Dr. Malone to Orthopedic Surgery

Mar 17 2022

“Sports have always been a passion of mine,” Christopher Malone, DO, an orthopedic surgeon for Mercy Health – Springfield, shares.

He continues, “I have had several injuries throughout my life, affecting my ability to participate in sports. With the help of several orthopedic surgeons, I continued my sports career which included time as a walk-on with The Ohio State University football team.”

Dr. Malone knew his passion from an early age. His injury experiences and love of sports only drew him further into the field of medicine and orthopedic surgery.

“It’s been a long but fulfilling journey,” he shares. “I married my wife before starting medical school at Ohio University. We traveled to the Massillon/Canton area for residency and started a family there. Then, we took an adventure to New Orleans for a year of fellowship. We fell in love with the people, city and culture but found ourselves missing Ohio. It was then we chose to come back to Ohio to be closer to our families and I started practicing.”

Dr. Malone cares about his patients and aims to provide expert advice while involving the patient in decision making for their health. His goal is for the patient and their family to make a confident choice for their health.

“I love surgery, but my goal is to try and do everything I can during the treatment process to avoid it until necessary,” he says. “I treat every single patient like family and advise by viewing them as such.”

Building a trusting partnership with a patient is an important part of receiving correct treatment, Dr. Malone feels.

“A patient should get to know their surgeon. It is necessary to have confidence in their surgeon’s ability and trust that they have their best interests in mind.”

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