Lori’s Advice on Becoming a Great Leader

Mar 27 2024

During Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting individuals like Lori Dine, the director of the oncology service line in our Toledo market.  

We asked Lori what advice she would give other women who are working to advance and become leaders themselves. Below is what she shared.

First, don’t underestimate your soft skills.

Hewlett Packard did an oft-cited study that found women tend to apply for a job only when they meet 100 percent of the listed criteria, while men will apply if they meet about 60 percent. A mentor once told me that great leaders are not the best at everything; they find people who are the best at different things and get them all on the same team. I have the privilege of working with the best and brightest in oncology, and I am constantly learning from them.

In addition to being collaborative and inclusive, women innately possess traits that make for excellent leaders, such as empathy, adaptability, advocacy and follow-through.

Remember that our big accomplishments are made up of our small victories.

When looking at our to-do lists, it is easy to focus on the never-ending tasks before us, to the point of overwhelm. There is also tremendous value in the items we’ve crossed off, for these things represent our experience, our accomplishments, the steps we took to reach a goal. Take time to document, reflect on and celebrate those items.

Don’t forget to take a holistic approach.

I appreciate the way women tend to see things through a holistic lens, incorporating principles from various facets of life into our professional roles. Parenting two amazing – but very different – children has taught me so much about interpersonal communication. I love my children equally, but not the same. This concept translates into leadership, knowing how to address the unique needs and motivators of people throughout an organization.

Always perpetuate the legacy of extraordinary women.

Nearly 170 years ago, our regional health ministry was founded by extraordinary women, and their legacy is being upheld by women in every level of our organization today. I am so grateful for past and present directors and executive leadership, who graciously allow me to tap into their wisdom and expertise every day. I recognize my responsibility to expand that circle and empower others. That is the most important and rewarding aspect of my role – supporting the people involved in improving quantity and/or quality of life for our patients.

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