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Dr. Slatter Never Tires of the Miracle of Childbirth

Mar 30 2022

“There’s not a time I do a delivery that I don’t recognize the wonder of God. It never gets old,” explains Miriam Slatter, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital. “I’m always in awe of the whole process, helping to deliver life into the world and also helping to create families. It’s so intimate and so amazing.”

Dr. Slatter recalls opportunities and encouragement she received to explore careers in her middle school years growing up in Lexington, Ky. During this time, her mother suggested young Miriam pray for guidance.

“Probably by ninth grade, the Lord just revealed to me this is what he wanted me to do,” she recalls.

With initial thoughts of becoming a pediatrician, Dr. Slatter thinks her love of children was God’s way of getting her foot in the door with medicine. Dr. Slatter went on to receive a bachelor’s degree at Xavier University of Louisiana, earned her medical degree from University of Louisville School of Medicine, then completed her residency at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta before joining our ministry in 2015.

If she wasn’t a physician, Dr. Slatter imagines she’d be a teacher. In fact, she had the chance to meld the two professions during a two-year stint as a clinical instructor at Morehouse a decade ago.

Today, the wife and mother of two finds great satisfaction in helping women in her practice.

“That look of gratitude on their face when they feel heard, that you will come up with a solution or at least let them know you’re going to work to find a solution, is always very gratifying,” she says.

Dr. Slatter sees National Doctors’ Day as a way to lift up her peers who’ve worked hard and made sacrifices for their patients.

“This is a time we can give some gratitude to one another that we’re doing our best,” she says. “We wake up every day and we answer the call.”

Help us celebrate National Doctors’ Day today by sharing a heartfelt message of appreciation for your Mercy Health provider! Please visit mercy.com/doctorsday to submit your message of thanks.

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