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Oakwood Village: A Retirement Community Teeming with Life

Sep 26 2018

Oakwood Village recognized for its efforts to preserve wildlife

Whether caused by fear of aging or misinformation, many people assume retirement communities are depressing, indoor-bound environments for seniors. Mercy Health – Oakwood Village in Springfield, Ohio breaks this stereotype with its pleasant wildlife and active community.

Oakwood Village, located at 1500 Villa Road, Springfield, Ohio 45503 aims to help seniors get the most out of life, which is why it provides specialized care, support and lifestyle opportunities to meet families’ needs. It offers affordable retirement for people seeking independent living, health care, assisted living, transitions rehabilitation or heritage memory care.

Situated on more than 72 landscaped acres, Oakwood Village is also certified as a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program.

The Wildlife Habitat certification recognizes wildlife-friendly spaces that provide:

  • abundant food
  • at least one water source for drinking and bathing
  • shelters for animals to tuck away from weather and predators
  • places to raise young
  • active employment of sustainable land management practices

In addition, because the habitat is home to many pollinator- and monarch-friendly plants, it’s registered as a participant of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, the national strategy to promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators. Oakwood Village supports the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge initiatives through:

  • planting pollinator gardens with nectar-and pollen- producing plants
  • creating large “pollinator targets” of native and non-invasive plants
  • establishing continuous blooming throughout the growing season
  • sustainably gardening that reduces the impact of pesticides and conserves water

Oakwood Village provides compassionate, quality care for its residents and the local environment. The connection between its campus community and the surrounding nature creates a holistic lifestyle for all.

Click here for a virtual tour of Oakwood Village’s woods. To schedule an onsite tour of Mercy Health – Oakwood Village’s grounds and facilities, call 937-390-9000 or to learn more click here.

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