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Should I Talk to My Doctor Before Starting a New Exercise Routine?

Feb 10 2022

Whether it’s running your first race or starting a new workout program, staying physically active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, before starting a new exercise routine, it’s best to run it by your primary care provider first.

Why do I need to check with my provider about exercise?

According to Cathy Cantor, MD, a board-certified internal medicine, pediatrics and sports medicine physician at Mercy Health – Perrysburg Family Medicine, people who are not used regular exercise should meet with their doctor to assess their overall health before jumping headfirst into physical activity.

Definitely consult with your doctor before physical activity if you have:

  • Suffered from a heart attack
  • Suffer from asthma or any other lung ailment
  • Have diabetes or disease of the liver, kidneys and heart
  • Experience the sensation of pain in your chest, muscles or joints whenever you participate in exercise
  • Have suffered or are currently suffering from arthritis
  • Have recently or in the past experienced a loss of balance, fainting or dizziness
  • Are experiencing joint pain
  • Are currently pregnant
  • Are not sure of about your current blood pressure or cholesterol levels

“Seeing a physician ahead of your new running program or exercise routine will put you in a better position to deal with or treat any minor condition before they become a major issue,” Dr. Cantor adds. “As a rule, if something doesn’t feel normal, see a doctor. Even if you don’t have the beginning of a serious condition, your physician can help.”

Interested in signing up for the Toledo Glass City Marathon?

Have you been cleared by your primary care provider for physical activity? Are you looking for a race to train for? Look no further than the Toledo Glass City Marathon!

The Toledo Glass City Marathon (GMC) is one of the nation’s marquee race. In existence since 1971, the GCM has grown to be in the top 25 fastest marathon courses. The 2022 marathon will race on Sunday, April 24. It kicks off at the University of Toledo’s campus with separate start lines for the marathon, marathon relay and half marathon.

Our Mercy Health sports and orthopedic team of physicians and running medicine specialists are here to help! They are available to assist you during your training process and proudly provide medical aid to runners on site during race weekend.

Learn more about the sports medicine services we offer at Mercy Health.

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