Sarah Mufti, MD,

Dr. Mufti Advocates for Patients to Get Their Best Sleep Possible

Sep 15 2022

Sleeping disorders can have many misconceptions. That’s why having the right doctor can make all the difference when it comes to diagnosing and treating these problems.  

Sarah Mufti, MD, with Mercy Health—The Neuroscience Institute, became a neurologist to help patients understand their diagnoses as well as the impact it can play in their lives. Her care focuses primarily on neurological sleep disorders, many of which her patients don’t even realize they have.

Sleep disorders can range from sleeping too much, difficulty falling asleep, difficulty concentrating and abnormal movements or behaviors in sleep, among other things. Dr. Mufti originally found interest in sleep disorders because of their subtle but insidious onset of symptoms. She is also aware of the risks and daily struggles patients can develop because of them.

“Whenever I see a new patient, I first and foremost make sure to establish a good rapport with them and try to make them feel comfortable sharing their issues with me,” she explains. “Then, I provide a thorough evaluation and I always listen to the patient’s specific concerns to provide an individualized care plan.”

Dr. Mufti’s success comes from encouraging her patients to advocate for themselves combined with advocating for her patients herself.

“I know how vulnerable it can be as a patient,” she adds. “Because of this, I spend my time explaining everything to patients, so they can be more in control of their own care.”

Outside of work, Dr. Mufti enjoys traveling and interior design.

Learn more about the neurology and sleep medicine services we offer at Mercy Health.

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