Jacqueline Finds the Pain Management She Needs

Oct 25 2023

For Jacqueline Pratt, enduring unbearable neck pain became a daily challenge. Although she had experienced a car accident years prior, she never linked her neck pain to that event, attributing it more to arthritis and life’s general wear and tear.

A passionate photographer and lover of family game nights, Jacqueline’s pain limited her ability to sit for extended periods and walk long distances. Simple tasks, like turning her neck, became a challenge, making driving unsafe.

“I couldn’t turn my neck without turning my body and checking my blind spot became impossible,” Jacqueline shares.

As a result, her wife took over the driving responsibilities. Jacqueline’s condition also led her to experience migraines most days and she even tried Botox treatments for relief. With her mobility and quality of life impacted, Jacqueline was on disability.

Seeking relief, Jacqueline visited Mercy Health — Sylvania Pain Clinic, where she met Rashid Khalil, MD, one of our specialists in pain medicine. While the initial focus was on her back, imaging revealed significant damage in her neck. After undergoing radiofrequency treatment for her back pain, Dr. Khalil referred Jacqueline to Zubair Ahammad, DO, one of our neurosurgeons, to identify the best course of treatment for her neck.

“Dr. Ahammad is a great listener and spends a lot of time with you,” Jacqueline shares. “He’s attentive to detail and sets realistic expectations for surgery outcomes. You’re lucky to have him at Mercy Health.”

On Feb. 14, 2023, Jacqueline underwent a C5-7 cervical arthroplasty, or a disc replacement surgery. The procedure went smoothly.

Jacqueline recalls, “Everything went according to plan.”

Then, post-operation, Dr. Ahammad recommended physical therapy to aid her recovery.

Physical therapy, while challenging, proved to be a game-changer for Jacqueline.

“To those who think they don’t need PT, the hard work truly pays off,” she shares. “After the surgeon does their job, it’s up to you to put in the effort to reap the maximum benefits.”

Jacqueline credits her physical therapy team — Kelsie Langenderfer, Kelsey McConnell and Garth Longstreet — for her remarkable recovery.

“They’ve been exceptional, reminding me how to do my exercises correctly and pushing me to my limits, all while being compassionate.”

Today, Jacqueline is a testament to the power of perseverance, expert care and teamwork.

“I’m more confident, agile and mobile now,” she says. “I can turn my head both ways and driving is no longer a concern. Everything turned out great; it’s way better than it’s ever been!”

Learn more about the pain medicine services we provide at Mercy Health.

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