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Mercy Stories: Multiple Sclerosis Interactive Therapy

Jan 19 2018

Could multiple sclerosis interactive therapy be the treatment you need? Meet the Bioness, and learn how it’s helped Mercy Health patient Chrystal Ligon.

Chrystal Ligon, a 27-year-old mother of two, is battling multiple sclerosis. She struggles with a decrease in balance, endurance and strength. But thanks to the Bioness, a new interactive therapy system at Lourdes Hospital, Chrystal is gaining her energy back.

“The Bioness is addressing Ms. Ligon’s limitations as well as her ability to multitask and attend to various stimuli, all of which are very vital in caring for small children,” says Dr. Jim Ed Couch, a neurologist at Mercy Health. “This form of therapy allows her to build her endurance and balance in order to function independently and safely at home.”

The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, and an anonymous donor to the Lourdes Foundation in memory of her late husband, provided the grant that purchased the therapy system. Not only does it help other neurological and movement disorders, the Bioness system helps acute rehab patients with disabilities resulting from traumatic injuries. Possibilities for use include brain or spinal cord injuries as well as hip fractures.

“The addition of the Bioness system to our Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Stroke program has been essential in the functional improvement of our stroke patients here at Lourdes,” says Terrance Adams, Director of Orthopaedic and Rehab Services at Lourdes Hospital. “Patients have really enjoyed the innovative, individualized treatment received by interacting with this modern technology system. We’ve seen tremendous gains in functionality for our patients, and we’re ecstatic to be able to offer top notch treatment to the patients we serve.”

If you think multiple sclerosis interactive therapy may be helpful for you, or you’re interested in learning more about treatment options, our team of caring and compassionate experts is here for you. Reach out at 513-952-5000 or visit today.


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