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Mercy Stories: Dealing with Heart Failure Postpartum

Mercy Health | Jan 12 2018

When Angela learned she had peripartum cardiomyopathy, her nurses were there to help her to a speedy recovery.

Last year, after returning home from giving birth, Angela Kimble began wheezing heavily and returned to the hospital. She was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy — a rare type of heart failure which occurs during pregnancy or immediately after delivery.

The condition weakens the heart muscle and causes it to enlarge. As a result, the heart is unable to pump blood properly to the rest of the body.

Angela received a pacemaker and healed within six weeks. In July 2015, Angela was informed she needed cardio rehab as part of her healing process. Angela chose to go to Mercy Health Tiffin due to the proximity of her home in Attica, Ohio.

Kathy Weaver, RN, a nurse in charge of cardiac rehab at Mercy Health Tiffin, and Kathy Kuhn, RN, the assisting nurse in the cardio rehab unit, were in charge of Angela’s care.

Angela says both nurses were amazing in getting her started on her road to rehabilitation while encouraging her to be patient, work hard and focus on her end goal — to walk and eventually to run again.

During this time period, Kathy Weaver retired and Pam Kelbley, RN, became Angela’s cardio rehab coordinator.

Amanda Lutz, RN also joined Angela’s care team.

“They all truly became my family — it was so clear to me that they truly and genuinely cared.” Angela said.

“They don’t give up. They want everyone to be as healthy and as strong as they can possibly be and

that’s exactly what they did for me!”

Angela said that the nurses at Mercy Health Tiffin saved her life because they encouraged her to want

to get back to her life again.

“I ran for the first time in a really long time,” she said. “My rehab care team at Tiffin encouraged me to

push my limits in a way that made me stronger and more confident. I was able to get back to running!”

“It’s been quite a journey, and I’m grateful to Mercy Health Tiffin for holding my hand along the way.”

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