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Why They Work in Medicine

Jun 10 2019

While each story is different, these medical professionals found that a career in medicine gave them a way to impact lives for the better.

Seeing a medical professional is a standard experience in our lives. When we get sick or injured, we go see a doctor, get treated and are on our way. On the surface, those who work in medicine are simply providing a service we need. When we’re being treated, we don’t give much thought to why they work in the medical field. Similarly, when you have your car serviced you don’t give much thought to why the mechanic is a mechanic. A few of Mercy Health’s medical professionals recently spoke to students in Springfield about why they pursued a medical career.

Dr. Tedros Andom’s interest in a medical career began with a doctor treating his brother for a seizure disorder.

The way that the doctor was able to help his brother left a lasting impression on him. He saw the amount of good a single person in medicine can do. Dr. Andom is now a general and robotic surgeon in Springfield. Dr. Andom chose to practice general surgery. This means that he can perform many different operations, on many different parts of the body. This versatility allows him to help many more members of the Springfield community.

Dietician and Weight Management Program Coordinator, Jackie Dahlberg’s interest in diet and nutrition began her medical career.

After her grandfather was diagnosed with diabetes, she witnessed his health improve as he changed his diet. Later in life, she would learn how nutrition can help with more than weight loss or diabetes. Her time spent in hospitals showed her how nutrition can improve a patient’s immune system or even help a burn victim heal faster. Today she helps patients every day, improve their lives through her knowledge of diet and nutrition

Nurse Practitioner, Kaylene Blalock wanted to be in the medical field for a long time but, was unsure of what role she wanted.

She went on two different medical mission trips, one to Mexico and one to Malawi, Africa, while pursuing her undergraduate degree in nursing. While on these mission trips, Blalock saw the difference the physicians made to the lives of individuals and to the community. Blalock’s medical career led her to become a Family Nurse Practitioner so she could spend more one-on-one time with her patients and get to know them.

Each of these medical professionals realized the potential they have, to change people’s lives through medicine. Their work affects more than just their patients. To work in medicine is to save someone’s, mother, son, grandfather or sister. Every person a medical professional helps affects the lives of countless others. For many, that is why they chose their medical career.


If you are interested in joining our Mercy Health ministry as medical professional or in other ways  visit our careers page.

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